Do this for you, sister! I promise it's far easier than you think - I'll help you feel right at home, make sure you know exactly what to do for every shot, & we'll have the best time making you feel gorgeous! If you've never done boudoir, you're in for a treat! It's uplifting & fun, and when you see your'll be so glad you took the time to do this for yourself!


What can I expect during my session?

I'm here to show you how beautiful you are & to make you feel confident and comfortable. I will tell you exactly what to do from top to bottom; where to put your hands, how to position your legs, even where to look. I've got you.

We'll put on some of your favorite jams and help you rock the session so you'll walk away feeling energized and empowered.

What should I wear?

What you wear for your boudoir session sets the whole vibe. I'm here to help 100% of the way! I'll send you very specific styling guidelines & wardrobe suggestions (plus beauty tips) to help you feel confident that your picks will flatter your body & suit my editing style so you get pictures that make you feel incredible.

When will I get my photos?

You'll receive an invitation to your online gallery within 3 weeks of your session. During busy season, that time may be extended to 4 weeks.

When do you schedule sessions?

Studio sessions are scheduled on weekends between 10:30 in the morning & 1:30 in the afternoon to take advantage of the beautiful light streaming into the studio.